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Watch enough college football and you’re going to end up with an unhealthy relationship with the characters and storylines that play out across various commercials and ad campaigns during the season.

Sometimes it feels like we’ve all been living in Fansville for far too long (Where have you gone, Larry Culpepper?).

The same goes for the Nissan Heisman House, which has followed us around for 13 seasons now. The commercial series in which many of the most notable Heisman Trophy winners of the last few decades all live together reality TV-style includes the likes of Eddie George, Robert Griffin III, Matt Leinart, Baker Mayfield, George Rogers, Barry Sanders, Billy Sims, Tim Tebow, and Charles Woodson.

One former Heisman winner who doesn’t show up in those ads is Joe Burrow. Here in reality we know that’s probably because Burrow has other promotional partners and isn’t part of this particular ad campaign. But in the world of college football, where reality can get a little screwy, it could make you wonder if the fact that Burrow doesn’t live in the Heisman House might impact current LSU Tigers quarterback and Heisman hopeful Jayden Daniels’ chances of ever joining.

That appears to have been the thought process for at least one LSU message board poster this week.

Message Board Geniuses shared a post from an LSU message board in which one poster wondered aloud if Daniels’ chances were being hurt by the fact that Burrow wasn’t there to campaign for him.

Another poster responded with the question we’re all asking, which is “You know they don’t really live in that house, right?”

We don’t know if the original post is a goof or legit, but either way, let’s all take a step back and remember that Heisman Trophy winners don’t actually live in a house together during the college football season. Matt Leinart isn’t sitting there with Barry Sanders trying to get him to vote for Michael Penix, Jr. This is factual, regardless of what Caleb Williams tries to tell you.

[Message Board Geniuses, FTW]

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