Nick Saban talking to the media. Photo Credit: Alabama Crimson Tide YouTube

Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban has always been notoriously cold towards reporters over the years. But it seems like he may be turning over a new leaf in the 2023 season.

Saban has overall been in a far better mood heading into the season. In a painstakingly detailed analysis of Saban’s press conferences ahead of the season, reporter Matt Stahl detailed that Saban has been smiling far more in press conferences than in previous years.

In fact, he was found smiling more than double the percentage of any year from 2017 onward.

Even though he may be in a happier mood this year, his habits of cold energy toward reporters reared its ugly head after their Week 1 win over Middle Tennessee State.

Saban was asked by Austin Hannon of Bama Central, a FanNation page covering the Crimson Tide, whether the positive performance from Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe would help him gain confidence for the rest of the season.

He wasn’t exactly thrilled with the question and gave a pretty dismissive answer to Hannon.

“So you are asking me to speculate about a hypothetical question? I don’t really know. He will do everything in his power to play better. But I don’t know.”

Saban spoke to the media on Wednesday, where he apologized to Hannon about his less-than-enthusiastic answer for Hannon previously.

“Look, you didn’t ask a bad question the other night,” Saban told Hannon. “I just didn’t answer it very well.”

Saban went on to answer Hannon’s question the way that he says he should have originally.

“When a guy plays well in a game, at any position, it should help his confidence and help him perform better in the future. Every player has to understand that even if they play well, they should try and improve the few things that they could have done better. And I think that if a person keeps that mindset, then they are always improving because you are never satisfied and always trying to do better. And you don’t let complacency creep into your game. That certainly hasn’t happened with Jalen (Milroe). So hopefully the confidence he gained in this game will help him moving forward. That should have been my answer the other night.”

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