Matt Rhule talking to reporters after Nebraska's loss to Iowa Photo Credit: 1011 News on YouTube

The Nebraska Cornhuskers dropped their seventh game of the season on Friday afternoon in a 13-10 loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes, guaranteeing a losing record for the year. First-year head coach Matt Rhule was asked about this shortly after the game, leading to a very strange analogy from him.

Rhule’s first year at Nebraska obviously didn’t go to plan, which is something that he claims he feels bad about, especially for the players who will not be returning next year.

This prompted him to state that the first people to do something oftentimes don’t get to see the result. He then referenced the “first people to storm the beach at Normandy” as an example of this.

“I just feel crushed for those guys,” said Rhule of his seniors in a video shared by Chase Matteson of 1011 News in Nebraska. “Sometimes the first people to do things don’t get to see the results. The first people to storm the beach at Normandy, you know. The first explorers. You don’t always get to see the end result.

The point he is trying to make here makes sense. The program will look to have better days as Rhule gets his own players into the program in the future.

That being said, it’s certainly a bit insensitive to compare soldiers who risked their lives in battle to a losing football season… Especially considering the sheer of soldiers to tragically lost their lives on D-Day.

Rhule further added that this loss was a crushing one in particular because it came at the hands of a game-winning field goal from Iowa, the third time this year that this is how Nebraska has lost.

“That’s three walk-off field goals to lose this year. That’s tough. But we’ll wake up tomorrow, come in on Monday and start working. We’ll get back to work. Too often people complain and whine and talk and all those things. We’re going to work, and we have the young players to do it.”

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