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After an extensive legal battle disputing the ownership the Ohio State website Buckeye Scoop, we now have more details of some of the unscrupulous acts that triggered those legal proceedings. Central to the controversy are former Ohio State All-American Kirk Barton and notorious message board personality Ken Stickney.

According to documents obtained by Meet at Midfield, Barton and Stickney (who goes by “NevadaBuck” online) have been banned from Ohio State and had media credentials revoked after using “improper and unauthorized access to Ohio State’s internal football video system” in order to “[expose] team formations, schemes and personnel changes” on the Buckeye Scoop message board and website.

The newly-obtained document adds clarity to a vague point in a legal filing last year alleging that “Barton engaged in unlawful and unethical conduct that put Scoops’ media credentials with The Ohio State University athletic department in jeopardy.”

It’s now public information that the “unlawful and unethical conduct” referred to in the legal filings involved stealing footage from Ohio State football practices.

The document states that Barton and Stickney’s actions were in “direct violation of Ohio State’s closed football practice policy” and that the two “will not receive Athletics media credentials for the foreseeable future.”

Barton initially had his credential approved for the 2021 season as a reporter for ABC 6/FOX 28, the local Sinclair station, before his credential was revoked.

In addition to being banned from media activities, it appears that Barton has also lost any other privileges he had as a former player. According to Meet at Midfield, Barton was escorted out of a team scrimmage in March 2022, even though former players traditionally have access to all practices and scrimmages.

Barton played for the Buckeyes from 2003-07 and was named a first-team All-American following his final season with the team. Following his playing career, Barton served as a graduate assistant on the Ohio State coaching staff from 2010-12 under former head coaches Jim Tressel, Luke Fickell and Urban Meyer.

Stickney, meanwhile, is a businessman with no formal ties with Ohio State. He has developed a cult following on various Ohio State football message boards, where he has posted for decades under the alias “Nevadabuck” to preserve anonymity.

Barton and Stickney were involved in a legal battle with long-time Ohio State writer Marc Givler over the ownership of Buckeye Scoop. Barton and Stickney appear to have won the arbitration and parted ways with Givler and the entire staff, with the exception of recruiting analyst Bill Greene, who opted to stay with the site.

Givler and the rest of the staff have since launched a separate website, Buckeye Huddle.

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Editor’s Note: Kevin Harrish, the author of this article, also contributed to Meet at Midfield’s reporting on the subject.