Jenny Taft Fox’s Jenny Taft dished on The Dan Patrick Show on what it was like to cover the Penn State-Michigan game this weekend. Credit: YouTube

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the world of college football. The Michigan cheating scandal has been the center of focus during the sport’s layoff period during the week. We’ve seen takes that have ranged from banning the Wolverines from the College Football Playoff to questioning the process that the Big Ten carried out before levying punishment their way. Even this week, the scandal came up on the morning debate shows. It’s been hectic, and perhaps you might wonder: How does someone who has to call a Michigan game feel right now? This past weekend, Fox Sports’ Jenny Taft provided insight into all the shenanigans.

Fox was in Happy Valley last weekend to broadcast the anticipated Big Ten showdown between the third-ranked Wolverines and the then-tenth-ranked Penn State Nittany Lions. There were, naturally, fireworks on ‘Big Noon Kickoff‘ in State College. The game somewhat lacked them outside of commentary. Michigan ran the ball at will against PSU en route to yet another victory. Interim head coach Sherrone Moore grabbed headlines for his postgame speech to Taft, who had plenty to say about the hubbub on ‘The Dan Patrick Show.’

Taft revealed that she had never been involved in a situation where they had “no idea” if suspended coach Jim Harbaugh would “show up minutes before” Michigan-Penn State kicked off. She alluded to the fact that broadcast networks and the ‘in-the-knows’ know more than the general public. But Taft clarified to Patrick and the show’s listeners that they had no clue.

If the suspended Harbaugh showed up? The coach, who Taft said it’s well-documented that he “doesn’t love” sideline interviewers, said she would have chased him down and asked him what has been through his mind and how he could coach the team.

Regarding the allegations and whether she’d ask the coach about them? “I tend to believe that you have to allow the game to play out,” Taft said. She said she would have congratulated him on the win and “possibly” give the coach the floor to talk. But, as Taft noted, oftentimes Harbaugh likes to pass it off to a player to give them the shine instead of taking all of it.

The Michigan situation is unprecedented for many reasons, and how it all plays out behind the scenes on television appears to be one of them.

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