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CBS Sports reported on Tuesday that former college football coach Derek Dooley has led the charge on a new proposal. That would be a Group of Five playoff.

Dennis Dodd reported that Dooley, most notably the former head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, has pitched a proposal for a G5 playoff backed by private equity.

The fuel to the fire, according to Dodd’s report on Dooley‘s proposal, appears to be the revenue distribution in the new College Football Playoff media rights deal.

“The Group of Five splits nine percent of the annual $1.3 billion deal with ESPN. While the payout marks an increase in raw numbers, it is a percentage decrease considering the Group of Five received 22% of the pot in the prior deal,” writes Dodd.

The ongoing strife between conferences amid a radical shift over the past few years seems to be developing more every day. The Big Ten and the SEC have made it clear that they’re spearheading that change and that they’re at the forefront of it all. The ACC is dealing with a myriad of issues, and other conferences might soon feel the weight of competitive disadvantages that will almost assuredly be built in over the next few years.

It’s not a radically awful idea to consider a Group of Five playoff. The fact is that many G5 teams have almost zero say in the CFP room. We’ve gone through this song and dance since 2014, and only rarely has it resulted in “the little guy” winning something. And even then, you’ll run into issues that make the Playoff’s needs come into question. But that’s another story for another day.

At the same time, much like the Fox Sports College Basketball Crown tournament, or other ideas that feel too runner-up, a secondary feel would also arrive with this proposal. The Group of Five deals with perception issues as it is. While it might not be intentional, this idea might extend those issues too.

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