Eli Gold prepares for the broadcast before the Alabama football game Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.

Eli Gold, the radio voice of Alabama Crimson Tide football, plans to be back in the booth for the 2023 college football season.

“I’m now healthy, ready to go and looking forward to the season,” Gold told Tide 100.9 on Friday.

Gold missed the entire 2022 season with what doctors eventually discovered was stage 3 cancer. The 69-year-old finished his cancer treatment in April after dealing with chemotherapy and losing a total of 148 pounds while spending 186 days in hospitals over that time.

“The doctors told Claudette, my wife, they told her a couple times I might not make it through the night,” Gold said in April. “I was a very sick boy. Turns out, I have gotten better. There’s still work to be done.”

Gold has been the voice of the Crimson Tide since 1988 and called 409 games in a row until he was sidelined by COVID-19 in 2020.

The announcer said on Friday that he has re-developed his ability to walk and although he carries a cane he doesn’t use it very often. His plan is to call two Alabama fall scrimmages to get back in game shape. He also says he cut “about 90 station promos” recently.

As for what he learned while he was stuck in the hospital fighting cancer, Gold says that you just have to keep fighting.

“You can’t give up, man,” Gold said. “You’ve got to fight. You can’t give up. I learned that.”

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