Dave Portnoy Connor Stalions Credit: Barstool College Football Show

Depending on who you ask in Ann Arbor, Connor Stalions may be a persona non grata or a martyr. For Dave Portnoy and the Barstool Sports team, Stalions was seemingly a staff member over the weekend.

During a live edition of the Barstool College Football Show on Saturday live from Ann Arbor, founder Dave Portnoy received a slip of paper from a man who looked a whole lot like Stalions with a juicy piece of college football gossip.

“I’ve got some evidence that came to my attention,” Portnoy said. “Ryan Day is going to be suspended for longer than what Jim Harbaugh was because he has been caught cheating and in the act far worse, and I have some proof that just came to my desk.”

Michigan fans online quickly determined the man who gave Portnoy that “evidence” was likely Stalions himself. Stalions is at the center of a sign-stealing scandal that led to a court-arbitrated suspension for Michigan head coach Harbaugh.

While Ohio State fans may want Day to be fired, there is no concrete evidence of malfeasance by Day.

Earlier in the weekend, Portnoy posted a pizza review from the town where some noticed Connor Stalions make another appearance near the beginning of the video.

Portnoy is a Michigan alum and fan. And connecting with Stalions to troll the college football world is certainly something Portnoy would do.

While nobody outside Barstool can fully confirm whether it is Stalions in these videos, it’s a safe bet to say it is.

As for whether Day will suffer the fate predicted by the note, time will tell.

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