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Like many, Colin Cowherd enjoyed watching Washington’s 36-33 victory over Oregon on Saturday.

But while the excitement for many was rooted in it being one of the best college football games of the season, The Herd host liked it for another reason: according to him, neither program is focused on transfers.

“Here’s what I loved about it,” Cowherd told Fox analyst Joel Klatt on Thursday’s episode of The Herd. “LSU, Colorado, USC. A lot of transfers. A lot of flash. I watched two foundational programs, great coaches, great players.”

The only problem? The idea that neither the Huskies nor Ducks focus on the transfer portal isn’t just wrong; it’s obvious. And Klatt wasn’t about to let that slide.

“Really?” Klatt asked. “You know the tackle from Oregon [Taki Taimani] was a transfer from Washington?”

“You can have one,” Cowherd said with a smile.

“That’s OK. Just continue, that’s fine,” Klatt replied, before bringing up the two most obvious examples of Washington and Oregon utilizing the transfer portal: each team’s star quarterback.

“[Washington quarterback] Michael Penix, wasn’t he a transfer? Oh that’s right. Go ahead,” Klatt said, before adding, “Wait, wasn’t [Oregon quarterback] Bo Nix a transfer — oh, no, no, no. Continue. But you’re right. They were foundationally built, not through the transfer portal, except for their quarterbacks.”

“That said,” Cowherd replied, before seemingly pivoting from his initial point and flatly asking Klatt: “how good is Washington?”

This obviously isn’t the first time Cowherd has put his foot in his mouth, and it likely won’t be the last. Still, it was somewhat surprising to see a host who seems to follow college football — and West Coast college football, at that — more closely than any other sport make such a glaring mistake that even a casual observer of the sport could have avoided.

It’s hard to tell where Cowherd was even going with his point, as by now, the idea of programs building through the transfer portal is nothing new. Fortunately, Klatt opted to disprove wherever he was heading before he even got there in a way that also happened to be humorous.

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