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Jim Harbaugh dubbed Michigan football “America’s team” and Colin Cowherd has already pledged his allegiance.

After serving the first game of his three-game suspension Saturday afternoon, Harbaugh met with the media on Monday and gave a rather bizarre press conference, declaring Michigan “America’s team” amid the backlash to their sign-stealing scandal. Cowherd, however, didn’t find the press conference bizarre at all.

“That’s the greatest speech in the history of college football,” Cowherd stated Monday afternoon on The Herd. “That’s better than ‘The Gipper,’ Knute Rockne, whoever made a big speech, that’s the greatest speech in the history of college football. From now on, ‘The Gipper,’ Knute Rockne, maybe have been the same guy, who knows [It is the same guy]. That’s second, Harbaugh’s speech is now the speech. ‘This should be America’s team.’ He’s right by the way. That’s how I felt. I stood at allegiance. I almost stood up watching that game Saturday.”

An actual judge will have the opportunity to be the judge of that on Friday when Michigan attempts to get a temporary restraining order on the Big Ten’s punishment of Harbaugh. With the NCAA continuing its investigation of Michigan’s alleged sign-stealing scandal, the Big Ten decided they had enough evidence to suspend Harbaugh from joining his team on the sideline for three games. The suspension seems to have built Cowherd into an avid Harbaugh fan.

Cowherd noted that he has no connection to Michigan football, aside from being one of Harbaugh’s staunchest defenders in the media in recent weeks. Yet he was still emotionally invested in Michigan’s game against Penn State on Saturday.

“What a great win for America,” Cowherd said on the heels of Michigan beating Penn State despite Harbaugh being barred from coaching on the sideline. A win for America that everyone should be able to enjoy, except the sportswriters who previously wanted to cancel college football or something like that.

“All you pristine sportswriters out there who wanted to cancel college football when we had Covid – you know, you guys are all living this precious life,” Cowherd said somewhat scrappily, perhaps caught up in the moment of Harbaugh’s rallying cry. “This is real sports. I think part of what Harbaugh is doing is just trolling people. He’s got that little sly smile when he says it. But I gotta tell you something, go blue.”

Harbaugh and his raspy voice speaking to reporters on a Monday afternoon in November, where he praised chickens as much as he praised his own football program, is now the greatest speech in the history of college football, according to Cowherd. Either Cowherd grossly overstated Harbaugh’s presser, or the Mount Rushmore of motivational speeches in college football is sad.

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