Chip Kelly Nov 25, 2023; Pasadena, California, USA; UCLA Bruins head coach Chip Kelly watches from the sidelines in the fourth quarter against the California Golden Bears at Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The issues in college football aren’t new, but they’ve stacked up over time. Most notably in the last couple of years which possess one of the main topics of the willingness to pay players.

UCLA head coach Chip Kelly talked openly about the Name, Image and Likeness issues in the sport and even offered up solutions.

After detailing some of the concerns around the conference issues, he mentioned how some of the broadcasts could benefit from improvements.

“Not that I’ve really thought about this,” Kelly said — as the media laughed. “Not that I’ve spent a lot of time on this. But I think that if you went together collectively as a group and said there’s 132 teams and we all share the same TV contract so that the Mountain West doesn’t have one and the Sun Belt doesn’t have another. And SEC has one and they have another, that we all go together. That’s a lot of games and there’s a lot of people in the TV world that would go through it. You can sponsor each one. Instead of calling it Group of Five or Power Five, you can call is Amazon, Nike — bid that out to things.

“You know, a lot of different things, but I think if we still do the same thing and take all that money, then I would do this and I think this needs to be done — that money now needs to be shared with the student-athletes, and there needs to be revenue sharing,” Kelly continued. “And the players should get paid and you get rid of NLI and the schools should be paying the players cuz the players are what the product is, and the fact that they don’t get paid is really the biggest travesty.”

The expansions of the teams, which has obviously become an issue, has to go through an approval process by the networks. Those ultimately pay to broadcast games.

At the NFL level, it’s not too different, but they do disperse the funds equally.

There are a lot of changes that need to be made in order to fix the chaos taking place in college football, but Kelly makes some very valid points.

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