Biff Poggi on SiriusXM College Sports Radio Photo credit: SiriusXM Radio

Take stock of Charlotte 49ers head football coach Biff Poggi. Because as long as he’s holding weekly press conferences, it seems like he’s going to be garnering a lot of attention.

Earlier this week, Poggi appeared at the American Athletic Conference Media Days and scoffed at reporters for disrespecting his squad by only coming at him with three questions. After his brief press conference, Poggi joined host Roy Philpott on SiriusXM College Sports Radio for an interview and the former Michigan Wolverines associate head coach maintained his entertainment value.

Still seething at the writers for picking his 49ers football team to finish dead last in this season’s AAC media preseason poll, Poggi vowed not to be disrespected again.

“I can’t wait to start playing,” Poggi said. “Because I can tell you this, this will be the last time we ever come to this building and get the disrespect that we’ve gotten since we’ve been here.”

“You’ve been picked last in the conference,” Philpott noted. “Is that part of the disrespect?”

“Last. Yeah. Last,” Poggi admitted with disgust. “Press conference, three questions. You know, ‘You guys suck, let’s get to the next guys.’ And I would like to take whoever those writers were that voted on that, and hold them upside down by their ankles and smack their heads off the ground a couple times because they don’t know sh*t.”

Just an absolutely epic quote and quite the threat. If Poggi is a man of his word, 49ers fans are in for an entertaining football season, but local media should probably don a helmet every time they’re in the presence of the boisterous head coach.

2023 is the school’s ninth year with a football program and their first season in the AAC. With an overall record of 29-62, the 49ers are desperate to turn their football program around, and Poggi seems like the perfect head coach to make it happen. Win, lose or draw, we look forward to a season full of appearances behind a microphone for Poggi.


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