CFP John Williams intro

College football fans waited all weekend and received an epic intro video to the College Football Playoff Championship Game.

Variety reported late last week that ESPN pegged the great John Williams to compose a new theme for their broadcast of the game. Williams is the preeminent instrumental soundtrack guy, having become acclaimed for Star ars, Jaws, and Jurassic Park, among many others. So ESPN spared no expense and went for the very best for this one.

To their credit, they delivered in style.

The video highlighted all of the great things about college football. The tradition, the pageantry, and the legendary moments. The notable faces from both the past and the present. Plus, the music composed met the expectations as well. It’s a great-sounding score and met the epicness of the moment.

Reviews filed in from Twitter watchers all around. For the most part, it’s received positive reviews.

Andrew Hammond of the Detroit Free Press considered it “cinema.”

Charlotte-area news reporter Jacob Reynolds called the video “super neat.”

The video had Jacob Kaucher questioning you if you didn’t get any goosebumps.

So, it seems like ESPN hit it out of the park with this intro video. They usually produce gems for these sorts of things. It’s a full-scale overhaul of last year’s intro video, which was a more futuristic, sci-fi look.


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