LSU head coach Brian Kelly, screengrab via Twitter

Since Brian Kelly made his high-profile move from Notre Dame to LSU, it hasn’t quite gone according to plan. While LSU did make the SEC Championship Game in his first season, their overall record was a disappointing 10-4 and they gave up 50 points to Georgia in that title tilt. This season, Kelly’s Tigers are off to an even rougher start at 3-2 with losses to Florida State and Ole Miss. That Ole Miss loss was particularly embarrassing for the LSU defense as they gave up 55 points in the defeat.

In fact, Kelly’s LSU tenure has probably been known more for his weird off-field moments than his success on the field.

LSU travels to Missouri this weekend to face the only undefeated Tigers in the SEC. And Kelly provided another unintentionally hilarious moment at the end of his press conference before the game that left the press room in stunned silence.

“All right, we’ll see you in Columbia, bring your Columbia jackets.”

The content of the joke is a 0/10. Does the LSU press wear a ton of Columbia jackets? Would anyone on planet earth think this is funny? The jackets are made in the Pacific Northwest!

The delivery of the joke is also a 0/10. You can tell that Kelly is regretting going there as soon as the joke begins and then he feels like he has to finish the job so he just falls across the finish line.

At least we learned something here, it turns out Brian Kelly’s comedic timing is somehow even worse than his southern accent.