Uber Eats Delivery on Court

You might not have been close paying attention to Wednesday night’s game between Duquesne and Loyola-Chicago on ESPN+. However, the entire college basketball world tuned in after a guy appearing to be an Uber Eats delivery driver wandered onto the court in the middle of the game.

The shocking incident left a lot of people asking questions and wondering just what in the world was happening. Chief among them were the game’s announcers, play-by-play voice Tim Benz and analyst Ellis Cannon.

The duo had a doozy of a time making sense of the situation and then had plenty of fun with the possibilities afterward.

“We’ve got an official’s timeout. Somebody came on the floor on the far side. Was there an Uber Eats delivery or something, he’s carrying some McDonald’s,” said Benz in the moments after the incident.

“Well this has to be one of the all-time greats,” said Cannon.

“I’m actually not kidding, I think that’s what’s happening,” added Benz.

“This guy in the corner looks like, maybe, was he was gonna deliver the McDonald’s to somebody on the court?” asked Cannon, “Can we rule that out?”

After Benz confirmed that it was, in fact, an Uber Eats delivery, Cannon tried to get in on the action.

“Maybe I’ll put my hand up, I’m getting a little hungry. Bring it over here.”

The duo then did a little play-by-play of the delivery guy appearing to offer the McDonald’s to someone on the court.

“Who’s he delivering it to, the ref?” asked Cannon.

“[Loyola forward] Philip Alston’s done a lot, I didn’t think he needed a Big Mac for sustenance in the middle of the game,” said Benz.

Benz also shared some extra footage of the delivery discussion on Twitter.

“I mean, I’m craving a quarter-pounder right now,” said Benz. “If nobody wants to claim that, come down the center of media row, just do it behind the fencing here.”

“These court-side seats are expensive, right?” asked Cannon. “They could probably afford Uber Eats from Morton’s or something, you know?”

Benz then threw it to commercial by saying “we deserve a break today,” a reference to a very old McDonald’s commercial campaign that probably went over the head of anyone under 40.

Benz and Cannon also followed up on the would-be delivery guy to see if he’s accomplished his goal and earned five stars.

Alas, signs are pointing to all of this being a prank and not, in fact, an attempted on-court food delivery. But we’ll still have the moment, the jokes, and the extremely outdated McDonald’s references.

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