Reports indicated that Oklahoma basketball coach Porter Moser was headed to DePaul. Moser strongly denied even talking with DePaul. Photo Credit: Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports Feb 28, 2024; Ames, Iowa, USA; Oklahoma Sooners head coach Porter Moser watches his team play the Iowa State Cyclones during the second half at James H. Hilton Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Will Oklahoma head men’s basketball coach Porter Moser leave the Sooners to take the same job at DePaul? Sources say yes. Moser, however, disagrees.

Dick Weiss of New York Daily News reported on Monday afternoon that Moser was “reportedly in line to leave Oklahoma become head coach at DePaul.”

Greg Swaim of the Greg Swaim Show corroborated those reports later in the day. “BREAKING: Numerous sources (including those at #DePaul) tell us that they’ll pay the nearly $7M buyout with the #Sooners to hire away Porter Moser. From all indications, this will happen very soon.”

While reported moves do sometimes fall through, more often than not, it’s a “When there’s smoke, there’s fire situation.” Only, there seems to be more layers to this one.

Because the reports that Moser will be leaving Oklahoma for DePaul were vehemently denied — by Moser himself.

“Heard all the rumors this afternoon and want to say emphatically THERE IS ZERO TRUTH!! I LOVE Oklahoma and Sooner Nation,” he tweeted on Monday night. “These accounts make stuff up and there is no validity to any of these “sources” b/c I have spoken to NO ONE about any job!!”

And as if there was any lingering doubt, Moser included a gif of a flag with the Oklahoma University logo waiving.

Swaim later reported that the move to DePaul may be off, saying that Oklahoma Athletic Director “Joe Castiglione apparently upped the ante, so now Moser may stay with the #Sooners after getting what he wants financially and the promise of a new facility.”

If Moser was talking with DePaul — even if those talks weren’t as advanced as indicated — it would not be wise for him to issue such a strong denial. On the other hand, it would be weird to report such a discussion taking place without the confirmation of trusted sources. And even if Moser ends up staying with Oklahoma, it seems as though the talks with the Blue Demons were ongoing, if Weiss, Swaim and their sources are to be believed, anyway.

So, while we don’t know what, we can definitively say that something is — or at least was — off here.

[Dick Weiss on Twitter/X, Greg Swaim on Twitter/X, Porter Moser on Twitter/X]

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