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Typically, coaches remain tight-lipped — or, at most, politely noncommittal — when rumors swirl about them being considered for other head coaching positions. This doesn’t necessarily indicate any interest, but rather a strategic silence often employed in negotiations to leverage their value and potentially improve their current situation.

So, it didn’t come as a surprise that UConn’s Dan Hurley came out and said as much during a recent appearance on The Dan Patrick Show — the surprise was that he said the quiet part out loud.

Renowned for his insightful questions, Patrick pressed the two-time national champion coach about the nature of the discussions when Kentucky reached out following John Calipari’s departure to Arkansas.

“It was really, I had a brief conversation with my agent, maybe on Sunday as that news was breaking,” Hurley explained. “It was, ‘Would you have an interest if they call?’ and my answer to that was, ‘No, I’m the head coach at the best program in the country. Why would I leave the best program in the country, even if another place is really good or is great.’ But your agent wants you to try to deflect because, at UConn, you want to reward your staff; you want to increase the resources in your program. So, your agent is kind of telling you, ‘Don’t say you’re interested, but don’t say no because I’ve gotta deal with a UConn people on a lot of things.'”

Patrick’s response was a chuckle, perhaps recognizing Hurley’s frank admission of “playing the game.” Hurley shrugged, a silent acknowledgment of the realities of the profession. He knew he couldn’t ignore a serious offer, but that didn’t obligate him to pursue one actively.

“So, I looked like a donkey. I pinned it on my wife,” said Hurley. “I was evasive, but I looked like a donkey, the way I was answering things. But privately, all the players — I talked to them about it — and they understood.”

It’s notable that Hurley acknowledges the discrepancy between his private conversations with players and his public evasiveness. While such tactics might be commonplace for coaches negotiating for better resources, his candor is refreshing. It’s serves as a reminder that the truth often lies somewhere between media reports and the ever-evolving coaching carousel.

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