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If you had plans to watch the Wyoming-Colorado State game, a lot of things went against you.

The men’s basketball contest between Xavier and Providence was moving along well but it sure didn’t end that way. With Xavier up three with 2:43 left in regulation, the roof of the Dunkin’ Donuts Center started to leak and water dripped onto the court, stopping the game.

Once the court was suitable enough to play on, the game continued. It remained close as Providence’s Al Durham tied things up with 23 seconds left to frustrate Wyoming and Colorado State fans and send the game into overtime. In the first OT period, both teams seemed to struggle for points but it took another late Providence bucket to go into double overtime. In double OT, it was Xavier who got the final points to extend the game as Paul Scruggs launched a buzzer beating three to take the game into triple overtime.

The third OT was the charm as Providence took control in the final two minutes and won 99-92. It was a wild game for the neutral fan but those who had tuned into Wyoming-Colorado State an hour and a half ago, was still watching Xavier-Providence. Xavier-Providence went so long that when CBS Sports Network got to the Wyoming-Colorado State game, there was just seven minutes left in the second half. Colorado State wound up beating their rival 61-55 in regulation.

For their part, CBSSN alerted viewers throughout that they could watch Wyoming-Colorado State on and that was really the extent of what they could do. The network wasn’t going to leave an OT game in progress and even though many viewers were upset that Wyoming-Colorado State was being kept off CBSSN, just as many viewers would’ve been upset if Xavier-Providence was kicked off CBSSN given that they sat through a leaking roof delay and the game had multiple overtime periods. It sucked and it really was an unwinnable situation for CBS Sports Network but they tried to make the best of it.

[Photo: @CBSSportsNet]

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