Annika Sorenstam and Tony Romo talk to the media Friday at Edgewood Tahoe after the first round of the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament. Annika Tony R Friday

Two months after an interview in which he said “you can’t please everyone,” Tony Romo is saying the same thing in a new interview.

Talking to the Dallas Morning News, Romo discussed criticism of his work, saying he thinks it “happens to anybody.” He also reiterated a point he made in February: you’re not going to please everyone.

“I think that’s normal,” Romo said Thursday before playing in the second annual Invited Celebrity Classic held at the Las Colinas Country Club. “I think that happens to anybody. Anytime you’re doing something well I think there’s always going to be that. It’s just the arc type of someone’s career. It’s happened to me a few times before, and that’s a good thing.”


“That stuff doesn’t affect me, really once you play quarterback for the Cowboys you can deal with anything,” Romo said. “You got to remember there’s always someone’s opinion there. But 100 other people that come up to you and tell you they love you. You’re not going to please everyone. I do think at the end of the day there’s a lot more people that really appreciate what we do, and I think CBS does a great job with their broadcast team.”

Here’s what I wrote in February about the criticism of Romo. He’s called zero games since that article, so my opinion hasn’t changed.

In my opinion, Romo has landed on something here, and it’s a direct contradiction to what he said last week. He has to stay true to himself! He can’t please everyone! Romo should just be himself in the booth and not try to be someone else. There’s nothing wrong with trial and error, evolving, and changing, but if Romo is getting too far away from himself, the work will suffer and criticism will grow.

Last week, Jim Nantz, Romo’s broadcast partner, defended him and said the criticism of Romo was “a misinformation attempt.”

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