Tony Romo alongside Jim Nantz calling Bills-Steelers Wild Card game. Photo Credit: CBS Photo Credit: CBS

Monday’s Wild Card matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers on CBS featured the network’s No. 1 broadcasting crew consisting of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo on the call of the game.

Unfortunately, some viewers believed that Romo took away from the viewing experience with some missed calls and awkward moments.

Romo has excelled as a broadcaster in certain aspects, especially when it comes to breaking down an offensive play and what a quarterback may be planning to do, something he’s uniquely qualified to do thanks to his 13-year career as a quarterback in the NFL.

However, some could argue that he lacks in some of the other aspects of what it takes to be an entertaining broadcaster, particularly when it comes to speaking on some of the aspects of the broadcast that aren’t exactly about the on-field play.

A prime example of this came in when Romo began to talk about Martin Luther King Jr., where it sure seemed like he started a sentence without any idea where it was going.

“What a day, Martin Luther King Jr. Deserves to have a day named after him.”

It wasn’t like there was anything wrong with what Romo said, as it is obviously a true statement. But viewers at home largely just saw it as a pretty awkward comment.

As far as his actual calls on the game, there were also a few hiccups of note from Romo. One came when Romo was certain that a pass that hit the ground was an interception in favor of the Bills even though it was pretty clearly an incompletion.

Nantz even added that Romo was jumping up and down in the booth when he assumed it was a Bills interception, which is certainly a bad look considering any broadcaster is expected to be impartial while calling a game.

This led to several critical tweets from viewers who seemed to notice Romo’s analysis of the Bills.

Romo was also critiqued by viewers when talking about Steelers running back Jaylen Warren in the game, stating that he didn’t realize the Steelers had “a 1-2 punch” in their running back room

“I’m telling you, when you put the tape on… We know how good (Najee) Harris has been playing, but I didn’t realize they had this 1-2 punch.”

This is a pretty huge oversight from Romo, as Warren has actually been even more efficient as a runner than Harris this season, along with adding in a huge threat in the passing game for the Steelers’ offense as well.

Overall, viewers were clearly hoping for some better analysis from Romo.

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