Tony Romo on the Corona hotline.

Because he returned to coaching, Jon Gruden had to give up some of the things he had as a color analyst. One of those things was being a pitchman for various companies. So now that he’s at the Raiders, there left a vacancy at Corona for a Hotline operator.

Corona found their guy in CBS analyst Tony Romo, who will be featured in ads and on the actual hotline itself. People can call 1-844-9-Corona to get a little bit of analysis from Romo and enter to win prizes.

Romo’s first ad as Corona’s Hotline operator was posted online and it has all the makings of an ad that is at best mildly amusing and it’ll probably be played so many times you’ll likely get sick of it by the second quarter of the 1:o0 Week 1 games.

I guess for Romo’s sake, it’s a pretty cool gig for him. And I imagine he gets as much Corona as he wants so that has to account for something.

Romo said, “I am thrilled to join the team and man the Corona Hotline. Between fantasy match-ups and waiting each week for your favorite team’s game, football brings a lot of excitement. I am ready to help fans deal with the highs and lows of this football season, so they can kick back and enjoy with friends and family.”


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