Football is a tough sport where injuries occur all the time. Some are minor and can be treated instantly, while others can linger for a lifetime. Typically, the one NFL event that you wouldn’t expect someone to pick up an injury is at the NFL Draft.

While none of the players have gotten injured (that we know of) in Nashville, we can’t say that when it comes to members of the media. On the night before the first round, CBS Sports NFL writer John Breech reported that colleague Will Brinson got in a scooter accident and needed to get stitches. Brinson confirmed the report by revealing it was a “bird scooter” and he was sober at the time.

Journalism at its finest.

On his Pick Six podcast, Brinson revealed that he was going downhill on the scooter and was forced to swerve out of the way of a driver who peeled out of a parking garage. The scene seemed to be bloodier than the “after” pictures seemed to suggest.

Brinson’s status for tonight is unconfirmed, but since he’s done the podcast, let’s say he’s “probable.” Will’s a gamer, so he should be out there tonight, stitches and all.

[Photo: @JohnBreech]

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