The Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers played an overtime thriller today in the late CBS national window, saving what had otherwise been a fairly blah slate of contests.

The Bills mounted a massive comeback, outscoring Tampa 24-3 in the second half to force overtime. But right before that play, CBS suffered a technical issue that saw the audio and video feeds cut out, replaced by flashing blocks of green and blue. Here’s the first clip we caught:

At first, with I admittedly assumed this was an issue with my local affiliate or my TV provider. But after opening up a different feed to check, I saw that this was indeed more of a widespread issue, and when I went back in the game I saw that right before this there was an even bigger interruption. All of this in key moments in overtime!

That was really disorienting for a lot of viewers, but it happened in such a way that, yeah, local issues really did seem like a plausible culprit, causing many viewers to question whether their TV or provider was at fault.

There are plenty more like that, if you dive into the replies and quote tweets. (And plenty more complaints about the call itself, too.) Rest assured, it wasn’t just you. We’ll close with an example of Twitter positivity:

Pete, just so you know, the official Awful Announcing stance is that you should treat yourself to an upgrade. Hope this helps.

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