Phil Simms seems to be transitioning from his role as CBS’s top game analyst to becoming a studio analyst pretty well.

Rarely do television networks shake up their #1 NFL broadcast booths unless forced into doing so. However, this summer CBS decided to move Simms to the studio and clear the way for recently retired Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo to become the new partner for Jim Nantz. That transition didn’t go quite so smoothly with Simms’ son Chris voicing his concerns about the situation before walking back his comments.

While some might view Simms’ move from the top broadcast booth to the studio as a demotion, it clearly isn’t bothering Simms. As the NFL Today pregame crew was in New York shooting promos, Simms (along with fellow newcomer Nate Burleson) decided to take on a team of breakdancers. The video ends with Simms jamming away to a boombox and I am really bummed out we only get to see a few seconds of it.

The transition from broadcast booth to studio might be the best thing to happen to Simms and perhaps it’ll allow him to show more personality and connect with fans and viewers. That top analyst spot has such a hot spotlight and it’s no secret that Simms had been the subject of criticism in recent years. Maybe his new role, without all that pressure (that Tony Romo will now step into) will give him a new lease on life. At the very least, hopefully it’ll at least give us some quality memes like this.

H/T SI Extra Mustard