Kevin Harlan Kevin Harlan in 2016.

We’ve seen a lot of enthusiastic calls from Kevin Harlan over the years, whether for onfield or oncourt action, fans on the field or the court, beer spills in the stands, and even promo reads. That’s led to a new fun promo from CBS for their Thanksgiving NFL game (Cowboys-Lions, 12:30 p.m. ET), featuring repurposed Harlan calls (and the TikTok-beloved NFL on CBS theme) over photos of Thanksgiving food various people have posted to Twitter:

That’s a fun way to promote this game, even though Harlan (seen above in 2016) won’t be calling it for CBS. That will be CBS’ top NFL team of Jim Nantz, Tony Romo, and Tracy Wolfson. But it’s hard to imagine a Nantz soundboard working as well for this promo. This is also one of many fun combinations of Harlan and food we’ve seen over the years, from an on-air request for the then-in-the-news Magic City chicken wings to a series of incredible Burger King promos:

The soundboard over various photos from different people is a good start, but we’d love to see Harlan do a full announcing breakdown of a particular Thanksgiving spread. Maybe CBS can set that up ahead of next Thanksgiving.

[NFL on CBS on Twitter]

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