Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher was ensconced in America during CBS’ UEFA Champions League coverage on Wednesday. Because he hasn’t spent as much time in the United States as the rest of those in the studio, Jamie got to experience his first Thanksgiving meal while draped in the American flag.

Carragher experienced a little bit of everything regarding Thanksgiving food but then he was quizzed about his pub. There’s a pub in Manhattan called “Carragher’s” and because his name is on the sign outside, Kate Abdo decided to quiz Jamie about how much he knows his bar.

It went about as well as it would when someone doesn’t run the day-to-day operations of their bar.

I’ll give credit to Jamie, as well as Brian and Michael who actually run it, Carragher’s is a pretty great place to watch a match with the NYC Kopites. Even if you might not be a Liverpool fan, they’ll still take care of you. I usually get there at least once every time I visit NYC and while I’ve never had a Carragher’s Pizza or Burger, the food is pretty good. Occasionally, you’ll run into some Liverpool legends either via a meet and greet or by happenstance like me with Steven Gerrard.

To complete Jamie’s American transformation, he attempted an American accent to close out the show. It’s…certainly an accent.

I guess it’s a mix of a Southern, Texan, and a slight hint of a Boston accent rolled into one. When Americans attempt a British accent, it’s usually the same Cockney/London accent so fair play to a Scouser like Jamie to try and combine as many regional dialects into one.

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