Angry tweets at Dish and CBSDFW.

The people manning social media accounts for Dish and CBS aren’t having a happy Thanksgiving, as they’re having to deal with a whole lot of complaints from those missing the Dallas Cowboys-Los Angeles Chargers game. The carriage dispute that’s seen CBS pull their broadcast affiliates off Dish in 14 major markets, including both Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles, has carried on into the game, affecting an estimated three million customers. (CW affiliates have been pulled in many markets too, and CBS cable networks, including CBS Sports Network, have been pulled nationwide, but it’s the broadcast network that’s the biggest deal here.) And that’s led to a whole lot of angry tweets at Dish, and some at CBS and some of the affiliates involved:

Over at the official support Dish Answers account, they’re blaming CBS’ demands and telling customers to call CBS to complain:

There are some options for those affected, including using a digital antenna or signing up for a free trial of streaming service CBS All-Access. But that isn’t going to work for everyone. And this dispute has messed up Thanksgiving plans for many, and that’s only going to lead to further vitriol. Good luck to those who have to read all the angry replies here; they may not have a whole lot to give thanks for today.

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