Deion Sanders on 60 Minutes (screen grab)

Colorado Buffaloes football head coach Deion Sanders will be featured on 60 Minutes this upcoming Sunday, the premiere for the show’s 56th season. Below is a quick clip from his interview with correspondent Jon Wertheim:

Sanders actually appeared on 60 Minutes last year while at Jackson State and teased he would certainly be interested in a Power 5 coaching job. Fast forward to now, and Sanders is one of the most-discussed topics in all of sports.

Colorado coming out of the gate with wins against TCU and then Nebraska has vaulted his short tenure at Colorado to one of the most talked-about stories in college football. Jay Norvell’s comments this week on his hat and sunglasses only added more fuel to the ten-alarm sports media fire surrounding Sanders and the Buffaloes’ return to relevancy.

Friday alone, Sanders has appeared on ESPN’s First Take and The Pat McAfee Show, both of which are taping live in Boulder ahead of the Buffaloes’ rivalry game against Colorado State. Saturday, ESPN’s College GameDay as well as Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff will also be live in Boulder. That marks the first time Big Noon Kickoff will be at a game not aired on Fox’s networks (it airs on ESPN at 10 p.m. ET), a telltale sign of just how intoxicated the network is with Sanders. (Especially as Colorado is favored by 23.5 points.)

Last week also saw Stephen A Smith, Shannon Sharpe, and Michael Irvin all trek to Boulder to watch the Buffaloes’ win against Nebraska. That’s almost a similar feeling of a five-star recruit having a handful of top coaches at their high school game.

Feel like you’re missing something? Well, Amazon’s Prime Video has you covered with a synergistic Coach Prime docuseries on Sanders, now in its second season.

Suffice to say just about every network is trying to figure out an angle or platform to have some Sanders and Colorado content. 60 Minutes, though, is a bit different than a friendly drop-by on a daily show. So perhaps we’ll get a bit more of a substantive dive into Sanders and his impressive turnaround job of a beleaguered Colorado program.

Colorado closes out the month with games against ranked Oregon and USC teams. So if you think the all-in media focus on Sanders is going away anytime soon, buckle in because those two games will certainly get even more media focus then the three early-season games thus far.

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