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One of the best parts of CBS and TNT Sports co-broadcasting the NCAA Tournament is treating fans to a CBS studio show featuring Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Clark Kellogg, and Kenny Smith. While Johnson, Barkley, and Smith already have chemistry because of their work on Inside the NBA, Kellogg doesn’t miss a beat.

Sure, Kellogg isn’t Shaquille O’Neal, but few are. He offers a refreshing college basketball-centric perspective and even gets in on some of the fun, recently offering a ridiculous analogy to summarize the Duke-Houston Sweet Sixteen matchup, which had the CBS Studio in stitches.

During a recent appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, the legendary sportscaster asked the lead CBS Sports college basketball analyst if he ever has to tell Chuck to clean it up a bit.

“I don’t have to tell him that,” said Kellogg. “I kind of just look over there at him — and he kind of knows if he stepped out of the line, but I’m going to accept him with love and grace regardless of when he colors outside the lines, as we’re all inclined to do; me included.”

Even though they’re only a year apart in age, Kellogg seems to have a paternalistic attitude towards Barkley, offering him unconditional support despite his quirks. This dynamic piqued Patrick’s curiosity, prompting him to inquire about their relationship as NBA players.

“He came into the league in ’84, and he tells the story all the time that I was one of the guys that he kind of looked at as a model for his game,” said Kellogg. “Me and Adrian Dantley and John Drew. Back in the early 80s, I was a combo forward because I was physical enough to play inside, rebounded well, and was skilled enough to play outside. And there wasn’t a ton of those guys around when I was coming out, and I think Charles looked at us as guys he can model his game after.

“He’s always had a level of respect for my game. And then, as we competed, he was a monster. I only played a few years in the league because of knee trouble, but I can recall, specifically, getting the best of him in our first meeting when he was with the Sixers. And then we somehow had to play them within a week or two of that meet, and he was looking for me. I mean, he was wanting to go at me like he hadn’t gone at anyone else, he told me. And I felt it; I felt every bit of his potential greatness. And that would’ve been the season of 84-85. Then I started having my knee troubles, so I never got a chance to go at him. I was trajecting upward, and he was starting to move towards a Hall of Fame career.

Kellogg has a chance to go at Barkley during the CBS/TNT Sports coverage of the NCAA Tournament, but they’re on each other’s side regarding Johnson touching all the doughnuts on set.

“We’ve established a mutual friendship and relationship around what we do as analysts now,” he added.

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