CBS Sports is getting in on the sports documentary craze, with a new series called “Four Sides of the Story.”

The four-part series will explore “iconic sports moments through multiple narrators, perspectives and first-person accounts,” according to a press release. The first installment, airing July 31 on CBS Sports Network, will focus on Kris Jenkins’ game-winning buzzer-beater for Villanova in the 2016 NCAA title game. The other three projects will cover Tiger Woods’ first PGA tournament, the evolution of the kicker position in football and the 2016 Army/Navy game.

Here’s the trailer for the episode on Jenkins’ big shot, titled “One Stunning Moment:”

The Jenkins documentary will be 30 minutes long, according to TV listings.

The four parts of the “Four Sides” series will cover an interesting variety of subjects. Three of the films will focus on specific events, while one will apparently examine a broader trend. Two of them will cover recent happenings, while the other two will go back in time a little bit. Jenkins’ buzzer-beater is the most obvious of the four subjects, though it could be the toughest to stretch into a full documentary, given that the story is really all about a five-second sequence.

Here are the four perspectives to be featured in the first three episodes:

  • One Stunning Moment:” Kris Jenkins, Ryan Arcidiacono, Jay Wright/Rollie Massimino and Jim Nantz
  • Debut of a Tiger:” Bob Friend, Nissan LA Open director Greg McLaughlin, media member Jim Hill and Woods’ high school coach and teammates
  • The Kicker:” Dr. Bob Rotella, Pete Gogolak, Adam Vinatieri/Jay Feeley and Frank Beamer

CBS has not yet announced a title for the Army/Navy doc, nor who it will spotlight.

Sports documentaries are experiencing an extended boom period over the past few years. ESPN’s “30 for 30” series has been wildly successful, and its O.J. Simpson docu-series won an Oscar. HBO and Showtime have continued to make good films, while Netflix has brought us Last Chance U, Amazon has produced All or Nothing and PBS will air a Ken Burns-directed Muhammad Ali documentary, a year after its Jackie Robinson project.

Now it seems that CBS wants a slice of that audience.

You can watch “One Stunning Moment” at 7 p.m. ET on CBS Sports Network. We’ll see if CBS’ new series can match the quality of other sports documentaries we’ve gotten in recent years.

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