The Nickelodeon slime in the end zone at Super Bowl LV.

Leading up to Super Bowl LV, there was some discussion of if CBS would do a full alternate broadcast on Nickelodeon the way they did (to much acclaim) for the wild-card game between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints. They opted not to do that to emphasize the CBS’ main broadcast’s rating, but they did feature Nickelodeon branding in a notable way on-air during Sunday’s game. That was particularly true with the halftime show, where The NFL Today panelist Nate Burleson (who provided color commentary on that initial Nickelodeon broadcast alongside play-by-play commentator Noah Eagle and fellow analyst (and Nickelodeon star) Gabrielle Nevaeh Green) broke down the first-half highlights Nickelodeon-style. (The “Tom Brady, he’s older than your dad!” line really stood out.)

Beyond that, Nickelodeon stars Green and Lex Lumpkin were involved in a preview show that aired on that channel this weekend, and they also took part in a pre-game segment for the main CBS broadcast. And throughout the game, the @Nickelodeon Twitter account brought the “Slime Zone” and other features that were popular on that wild-card broadcast to clips of the big game. Here are some of those:

So it certainly seems like we may see even more NFL content on Nickelodeon in the future.

[Nickelodeon on Twitter]

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