CBS News' mistweet on the Lions.

We’ve seen plenty of media mistakes involving similarly-named teams over the years, from CBC sending the NHL’s Florida Panthers to the Super Bowl (instead of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers) to Sports Illustrated wondering if MLB’s New York Mets could best the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals (instead of the St. Louis Cardinals). But CBS News took it to a new level Wednesday, going beyond confusing teams in different sports with the same name to confusing one city’s teams in two different sports, which just so happen to both have feline names. That’s right…they mixed up the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Tigers. And amazingly, the tweet (seen above) lasted almost half an hour before it was taken down, leading to 42 retweets, 173 likes, and 62 responses (plus many more quote tweets), a whole lot of which were pretty funny:

As per that last one, it’s a good thing they didn’t get the Bears involved too.


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