LSU is predictably handling Mississippi State today in Starkville, but that’s probably not what most viewers who stuck with the game to the end will remember.

Instead, they’re probably going to remember when LSU QB (and potential Heisman candidate) Joe Burrow took a sack rather than let himself be fully pantsed on national television.

CBS, for some reason, decided to offer a few different replays, which meant giving viewers a whole lot of Joe Burrow.

There are two great things that have to be noted (well, two other great things.)

  1. Burrow trying desperately to hold his pants up while the play is still live is fantastic comedy.
  2. The screams you hear in the background, presumably when a similarly ass-baring replay angle was shown in the stadium and fans realized what happened.

Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson, meanwhile, managed to not laugh their own asses off. (Nessler also realized the situation as it happened, too, though the broadcast still went to the replays anyway.)

Were there jokes? Of course!

Nessler and Danielson continued laughing about it for a bit, as well:

It’s a shame Burrow can’t yet profit off the image of his ass, because based on the stadium and Twitter reaction, he’s missing out.

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