The Cleveland Browns won a playoff game last weekend for the first time since 1995. Their reward was to play the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday in a highly anticipated game on CBS to determine which one would move onto the AFC Championship game.

But when audiences in the New York area turned on CBS to watch the NFL game, instead of the red and yellow of the Chiefs and the orange and brown of Cleveland, they were greeted with black screens. The issue seemed to be for all viewers across any number of cable and satellite providers, too. Audiences for Spectrum, Optimum, and many other services reported seeing nothing at all where a playoff game should be. Outages have been reported from Manhattan to Long Island, and New Jersey.

The game did indeed get underway but NY-based viewers remained in the dark about what was happening. Some quick sleuthing did uncover that you could still watch the game on the CBS Sports app, for what it’s worth.

Around 2:17 p.m., it looks like the CBS feed back up on FiOS and DirecTV. However, those audiences ended up missing the first six minutes of the game, which includes a Kansas City touchdown. Some other CBS audiences still don’t appear to have any access to the game.

It’s been a very frustrating start to their Sunday for Browns and Chiefs fans in the Northeast.

UPDATE: Marchand (kinda but not really) got an answer about what’s happening

UPDATE 2: It now sounds like CBS is back on almost all carriers, though some spotty reception has been reported on Twitter.

More updates as they become available.

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