Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez did an exclusive interview with CBS Mornings on Wednesday, revealing that he has early-stage gum disease.

Alex Rodriguez did an exclusive interview with CBS Mornings on Wednesday, and no, it’s not because the former prominent New York Yankees third baseman is currently reportedly shopping a documentary on his life. But, rather CBS News got the exclusive on a new health diagnosis.

And not to joke or downplay the seriousness of any diseases, but Rodriguez revealed that he has been diagnosed with early-stage gum disease after a recent trip to the dentist. You read that correctly. CBS News elected to do an exclusive interview with Rodriguez who has the early stage of a disease that affects nearly half of American adults (47%) that are 30 years and older.

That is the same statistic that CBS decided to present before allowing Rodriguez to inexplicably market his new product that helps raise awareness for gum disease. Mind you, gum disease is typically caused by poor brushing and flossing habits that allow plaque to build up. But, don’t tell that to Rodgriuez, who is trying to corner the market on fighting gingivitis, after one trip to his dentist.

“Now from where I’m sitting—and I’m not a professional—the smile looks good,” CBS Mornings co-host Tony Dokoupil told Rodriguez. “So tell me, what is this gum disease thing?”

While Rodriguez was able to give a basic explanation, he was somehow unprepared to answer a question about if there’s a correlation between gum disease and baseball players. For all intents and purposes, it was a fair question, considering the usage of chewing tobacco, among other things, by professional ballplayers.

Rodriguez said he wasn’t sure if it was tied to that.

And from there, it only took about two and a half minutes for the interview to start diving into topics that had nothing to do with A-Rod’s latest trip to the dentist’s office.

Naturally, CBS doing this exclusive with Rodriguez wasn’t exactly well received.

Drawing attention to a disease that affects 65 million Americans is one thing. Doing an exclusive interview disguised as an attempt for A-Rod to promote a product is another.

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