Bleacher Report is expanding their original content selection with the April debut of Take It There with Taylor Rooks, a wide-ranging interview series aimed at connecting with modern audiences.

Rooks, 26, has emerged as a talented voice during her time with SNY, CBS Sports Network, and the Big Ten Network, connecting with a wide variety of athletes and celebrities in ways that more traditional outlets sometimes struggle. From Bleacher Report:

Taylor Rooks has made waves with a reporting style that is fresh, engaging and tailor made for today’s digital world, producing viral clips featuring star athletes like the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade. Today Bleacher Report, the premier digital destination for millennial and Gen Z sports fans, announces the debut of an all-new original series Take it There with Taylor Rooks this April that will put Rooks back at the helm of a one-on-one interview show. The series will add to Bleacher Report’s “Premiere Month,” joining the Emmy-nominated Game of Zones and global sensation The Champions, which return to the platform from Fall hiatus.

Take it There with Taylor Rooks will feature Rooks and her signature interview style with today’s top newsmakers and trendsetters in real places that matter to them: their home, an arena or favorite coffee shop. Rooks is setting out on a journey in search of conversation that reveals, surprises and breaks down barriers, and the audience will come along for the ride.

The series hits the air just in time to augment the Turner/B-R coverage of the NBA postseason, and it could be the kind of setting that actually gets athletes to say interesting things. That’s harder than ever in some respects; social media has given athletes the ability to be unguarded on their own terms, while the constant vigilance of the public means they tend to be cautious in interviews.

If Rooks can crack the code and give viewers something interesting from a format that’s felt dry for a while, she deserves plenty of credit.

[picture via Bleacher Report]

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