If you somehow missed it, the United States captured another World Cup today, taking down the Netherlands 2-0 thanks to a dominant second-half performance.

Brands and other media outlets rushed to capture some of that sweet social traffic, to varying degrees of success. This Nike ad, for instance? Not bad, if you can get past the inherent premise that it’s selling you on a corporation.


This Bleacher Report tweet, though, from their soccer account @brfootball? Very bad!

Just look at this thing. What in the world was someone thinking?

Not great! Bleacher Report deleted it after about half an hour of torrential roasting.



There were many, many, many more, too.

Kobe Bryant making the list was, perhaps, the most egregious inclusion, but it’s a tight race. They didn’t even get the entire USWNT on there! And the irony of this graphic achieving its apparent goal (virality!) only to be deleted because of how it attained that status is too perfect.

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