On paper, Saturday’s night’s boxing event featuring 54-year-old Mike Tyson and 51-year-old Roy Jones, Jr. was destined to be a trainwreck spectacle more akin to a WWE PPV than an evening of physical prowess. However, who would have predicted that the star of the evening wouldn’t be Tyson, Jones Jr., or even YouTube star Jake Paul, but one of the people who wasn’t even fighting…Snoop Dogg?

While the main event showdown of former boxing greats was the marquee match-up, the match that stole the show was actually the one between Paul and former NBA player Nate Robinson. As for why this fight was even happening in the first place, you’ll just have to read about that here. While Robinson came into the evening making his boxing debut, this was Paul’s second sanctioned match, and whatever advantage that gave him certainly showed.

Back in May, Robinson told TMZ Sports, “I’m a top-tier athlete. [Paul] beating me would probably be the biggest accomplishment for your boxing career, or social media influencer – whatever.” Well, whatever it is, Paul can add that accomplishment to his credits as he did indeed beat Robinson, knocking him out in the second round. While the series of events was certainly something to watch, it was Snoop’s commentary that really put things over the top.


Yes, that is Snoop saying “Oh, my God, Lawd have mercy! Oh, Jesus” before singing a section of the spiritual hymn “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.” Good luck topping that, Jim Lampley.

By the time the Tyson-Jones match came around, however, Snoop was really feeling the energy. He perhaps summed up the evening best by describing the fight as “two of my uncles fighting at the barbecue” and then doing character voices to illustrate that. That the match ended in a draw only seemed to confirm the sentiment.

This isn’t Snoop’s first foray into broadcasting. He’s also made guest appearances on Lakers broadcasts, showing that same style that made Twitter fall in love with him on Saturday.

He’s also done a little play-by-play for the Los Angeles Kings. Is there any sport Snoop can’t conquer?

We have heard the future and it’s Snoop Dogg doing commentary for whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

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