A PPV buy error screen for the Spence-Garcia fight.

Complaints about the price of a pay-per-view are one thing, but it’s something different to see people complaining to multiple cable companies that they’re completely unable to purchase a pay-per-view. That happened Saturday with the Errol Spence Jr-Mikey Garcia boxing match, though, with many saying they couldn’t purchase the Fox PPV through a range of providers:

Technical issues happen, of course, and these tweets don’t represent all that many people compared to some PPV outages we’ve seen. (Such as the one for The Match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson that wound up seeing everyone get it for free in the end.) And some of these complaints appear to have been resolved through workarounds in the end, and some of it may just have been about volume. But it’s still notable to see people unable to buy a high-profile PPV like this.

[Screenshot from @PathWordsmith]

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