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PFT Commenter is certainly no stranger to social media feuds. In fact, he’s built an entire career on his ability to troll and frustrate people online. But he took it up a notch this week when he somehow parlayed a joke about O.J. Simpson’s death into a possible organized fight with Major League Baseball legend Jose Canseco.

The wild social media beef began on Thursday morning when PFT Commenter posted a crass response to Simpson’s death on X, formerly Twitter.

“RIP OJ Simpson. Heaven just got a outstanding running back,” PFT Commenter wrote, intentionally incorrect article use and all.

Canseco appeared to take exception to the post, as he quickly quoted it, saying “You’re an absolute idiot” to PFT Commenter.

It’s not clear exactly why Canseco was upset by PFT Commenter’s post because he did not elaborate on why exactly he felt that the Barstool Sports personality was “an absolute idiot,” but it appears that he may have taken PFT Commenter’s “praise” for Simpson a bit too seriously, which tends to happen sometimes to those unfamiliar with PFT Commenter’s schtick.

Just before reacting to PFT Commenter’s post about Simpson’s death, Canseco expressed frustration at those praising Simpson in death, saying “O.J. Simpson was a murder. His death should not be glorified.”

Regardless, Canseco’s response ignited quite a feud as PFT Commenter immediately replied with a video of Canseco getting knocked out by Barstool Sports intern Billy Football in a boxing match in 2021.

Canseco replied to the video indicating that he is in better shape now than he was a decade ago and challenging PFT Commenter to a fight.

“It’s been years and I’m in better shape now then I was 10 years ago. My body after pre-fight surgery wasn’t in any condition to get in that ring.. that kid didn’t land **** @PFTCommenter get your musty *** in the ring with me if you want to talk ****. Your a coward,” Canseco said.

PFT Commenter seemingly agreed to the fight, saying “I’ll **** you up *****,” and Canseco indicated that he would work on setting up the fight.

“Talk your ****,” Canseco said. “My team will talk to yours and we’ll see if you’ve got some balls hidden behind those glasses.”

Canseco then made a few posts blasting PFT Commenter, calling him a coward and claiming that he was going to knock him out.

It’s not clear whether or not PFT Commenter actually intends to fight Canseco, but it is quite clear that Canseco very much intends to fight PFT Commenter. And given his commitment to bits, that might be enough to get him into the ring.

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