Taylor Lewan and Will Compton of Bussin' With The Boys. Taylor Lewan and Will Compton of Bussin’ With The Boys.

There are big plans ahead for the Bussin’ With the Boys podcast from Will Compton and Taylor Lewan. The two NFL players launched that podcast in 2019, then brought it to Barstool Sports in early 2020. Now, ahead of the 2023 college football season, Lewan and Compton are taking their show on the road to six prominent colleges during spring practices, and they’ll record podcasts and host live YouTube shows along the way.

Lewan and Compton (seen at left and right above) will start their spring tour Wednesday at South Carolina (3/15-3/16), then head to Texas next week (3/22-3/23). From there, they’ll go to Ohio State (3/30-3/31), then to LSU (4-5/4-6) and Colorado (4/12-4/13). They’ll end their tour at Arizona State on April 15, where they’ll face off as head coaches of the Sun Devils’ spring game. Here’s more on what to expect from a release:

“One of the coolest things that we’ve been able to do since launching Bussin’ on Barstool is interacting directly with our fans, which is why we can’t wait to hit the road to meet with our fans in person,” said Will Compton and Taylor Lewan. “It’s going to be a blast to visit some of the premier campuses in college football, and do what we do, which is talk football, and life.”

In just 4 years since its launch as the first active-NFL player podcast, Bussin’ has become one of the most viewed sports podcasts in the industry. The podcast gets nearly 1 million downloads per month and the Bussin’ YouTube page will surpass 50 million views this year. Podcast topics range from exclusive NFL stories to candid chats with personalities from all industries to out-of-left-field hot takes on things typically only discussed behind closed doors.

Here are some recent Bussin’ With the Boys highlights, including Las Vegas Raiders’ GM Dave Ziegler providing a scouting report of the two hosts:

And here’s Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule talking his first impressions of that school and how he handled his dismissal by the Carolina Panthers:

The campus tour here is a cool idea, and the hosts are certainly hitting up some notable schools. And coaching the Arizona State spring game against each other is definitely a high-profile way to promote this podcast. We’ll see how the tour works out for them.

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