Dave Portnoy hires Ben Mintz

Less than one month after Penn Entertainment fired Ben Mintz from Barstool Sports for saying a racial slur while reading a song lyric on a livestream, Mintz has been hired by Barstool founder Dave Portnoy.

Mintz announced the news Wednesday morning in a video on social media, explaining Portnoy hired him to be the first employee of Brick Watch Company.

“Dave called me to ask me about this jo,b and here’s what Dave said to me. ‘Mintzy, I got an idea. I want to hire you to be the first employee of Brick Watch.’ He said, ‘You’re not the smartest guy I’ve ever had. That’s for sure, but you have a great heart and you’re a man of the people.’ Well, Dave Portnoy, you found me two and a half years ago and made me who I am with your job at Barstool, and I’m a man who values loyalty…For you to basically create a new position for me, it honestly means the world to me,” Mintz announced while wearing a watch that looked far too big.

Portnoy launched Brick Watch late last year, investing $3.7 million of his own money into the company. With the goal of creating a quality watch that’s less expensive than a Rolex, Portnoy set the price point at about $2,400 per watch. He has admitted sales are slow. It would seem unlikely that Portnoy views Mintz as the person who can bring Brick Watch Company to another level. But more than viewing Mintz as a fit for Brick Watch Company, this is about getting a former Barstool employee back on payroll.

Mintz apologized profusely after he read a racial slur on a livestream, calling it an “unforgivable mistake.” Despite seeming like there was no malicious intent behind the mistake, Penn fired Mintz, fearing the controversy could cost the company its gambling licenses.

Portnoy expressed that he strongly disagreed with the decision to fire Mintz, believing it went against Barstool’s brand. But it was ultimately Penn’s decision to make after the gaming company completed their purchase of Barstool Sports earlier this year. Hiring the now-former Barstool employee to work for his watch company further highlights Portnoy believing Mintz was wronged by Penn.

Portnoy recently stated his contract with Penn to continue as the face of Barstool Sports expires in 20 months, and admitted he was unsure if he would agree to an extension. Amid doubt about his future with Barstool and Penn, hiring Mintz less than one month after he was fired seems like Portnoy sending a message to the company that now controls the brand he built.


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