Barstool Sports’ growing empire will expand Wednesday when it debuts Barstool Radio on Power 85, a SiriusXM channel that will allow the company to do “whatever the fuck we want,” according to Barstool founder Dave Portnoy.

On Tuesday, Portnoy announced the daily lineup for the channel, featuring many Barstool staples, plus some new personalities, including former NFL lineman Willie Colon and reporter Liz Gonzales.

7-9 a.m. – Barstool Breakfast — Julie Stewart Binks, Willie Colon, Francis
10 – 12am – Pat McAfee Show
12-1pm – Heartland Radio
1- 2pm – Chicks in the Office — Fran and Ria
4-6pm – Barstool Radio — KFC, Portnoy and Liz Gonzales
6-7pm – Evening Yak — Big Cat, Adam Ferrone and Jared Carrabis

Portnoy wrote Tuesday that Barstool is in the process of developing more shows and could tinker with the lineup moving forward.

Barstool Radio will apparently air on SiriusXM’s channel 85, not channel 93, which has hosted a daily Barstool show since last January and was originally announced as the home for the new station.

Portnoy first announced the Barstool-only channel in November, explaining that it would air 24/7 and provide Barstool Sports “all the time.”

“Clearly, we are at Sirius XM right now, our show goes live in a little bit. About 10 months ago, we got our own radio show, right? 12-2, little show, Barstool Radio, tinkered with it, did this, did that. You know what I’m here to do today, Frankie? To announce that coming in January, we have our own channel. 24/7, all the time, Barstool Sports, that’s all you’re going to get. You wake up at 3 a.m.? Tune in, Barstool’s on. You wake up at 11 a.m.? Tune in Barstool’s on. You go to the bars, you’re drinking, you get home at 11 p.m., 1 a.m., tune in, Barstool’s on. 24/7.”

This promo, featuring clips from the existing Barstool Radio SiriusXM show, offers a sense of what the new channel might sound like:

This full-on dive into radio is the latest venture for an ever-expanding company that has recently dabbled in television, digital video, and even amateur fighting, in addition to the blogging and podcasting that initially drove its popularity.

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