The morning, after a lengthy Twitter fight between actor/podcaster Michael Rapaport and just about every Barstool personality, company president Dave Portnoy took to Twitter to announce Rapaport’s dismissal:

Rapaport spent his Saturday night tweeting about Adam Smith (@smittybarstool) and whether or not he used steroids prior to his recent Rough N’ Rowdy victory, an accusation first-promoted on the central Barstool account:

Rapaport’s Twitter feed from last night is, well, an interesting read, but it seems most of what got him fired came from this tweet (and others like it expressing the same general sentiments):

That prompted plenty of the brand’s most recognizable faces to jump into the fray:

Rapaport got even more personal from there, though Portnoy maintained it was the fan insult that led to his firing:

Rapaport’s work with Barstool included a podcast on their network (helpfully titled I AM RAPAPORT), but considering how happy his removal has made most of the biggest names at the company, it seems like they’ll be fine without him.

He did tweet this Sunday afternoon:

The entire incident did also lead to this objectively funny moment, when Portnoy texted the wrong Rapaport to let him know he was fired:

It appears Rapaport’s initial comparison of him joining Barstool to Shaquille O’Neal joining the Miami Heat was more accurate than anyone could have realized at the time – like Shaq and the Heat, the relationship between Rapaport and Barstool came to a vitriolic, chaotic end.

UPDATE: The Rapaport and Portnoy feud continues throughout the day on Twitter. Many people have wondered if it’s fake, though Portnoy claims such people are “nuts.”

Here are some of their latest tweets in the back-and-forth:

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