John Smoltz on FS1

John Smoltz is known for being one of the most serious, no-nonsense color analysts in sports, but he knows how to take a joke.

The Hall of Fame pitcher and Atlanta Braves legend is serving as a guest analyst this season on select Braves games for Bally Sports South. Two of his former teammates and fellow Hall of Famers, Chipper Jones and Tom Glavine, joined him for Wednesday’s game against the New York Mets. The team debuted the so-called “Legends Booth” together in a game in June, with great reviews.

The former teammates had some fun at Smoltz’s expense Wednesday. During a break in the action, the broadcast showed a replay of Mets star Pete Alonso getting drilled in the back by a pitch the previous night.

Then, they quickly cut to a flashback of Smoltz taking a fastball right to the kidney in a game from years ago.

“Last night brought back some memories for me, Jones said.

“John Smoltz — oooh!” Jones continued, as the clip showed Smoltz get hit and then writhe around on the ground in pain.

“Kidney, boys,” Smoltz quickly explained, as the rest of the booth, including Jeff Francouer and Brian McCann, erupted in laughter.

“Straight in the kidney,” Smoltz continued, as the laughter increased.

“This is what the tuna looks like … flopping around on the ground,” Jones joked.

“Hey, there was no tuna,” Smoltz protested. “It was just having a hard time breathing at that point.”

“This is how my 6-year-old would have taken one,” Jones responded, causing more laughter.

“Oh, here we go,” Smoltz said. “Here we go.”

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for that one,” Jones joked.

Smoltz, MLB on Fox’s lead baseball analyst, will be back in the Bally Sports broadcast booth road Sept. 11-13 for a series against the Philadelphia Phillies. Hopefully, Jones and Glavine will join him again sometime soon for more fun times.

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