Jonah Keri

Longtime baseball writer Jonah Keri, currently at The Athletic, was arrested Thursday in Montreal on assault charges levied by his wife.

Keri reportedly faces four charges, including three counts of assault causing bodily harm, that are alleged to have taken place dating back to July 2018.

Via CTV News Montreal:

Keri faces four charges including three counts of assault causing bodily harm and uttering death threats.

He was detained Thursday after being arrested at the couple’s Montreal-area home.

Keri was handcuffed and wearing a green sweatshirt when he appeared in court Friday and was granted bail.

As part of his bail conditions he cannot be within 250 metres of his wife and cannot carry weapons, and was given ten days to get his possessions out of his home.

Court documents state the alleged attacks against Keri’s wife took place in July 2018, May 2019, and July 2019.

Keri was granted bail after the hearing. He’s worked and written for numerous outlets over the years, including Baseball Prospectus, Fangraphs,, SI, Grantland, CBS Sports, Rogers Sportsnet, DraftKings and more. Keri has been writing for The Athletic since March of 2019, where he also hosts The Opener podcast.

The Athletic released this statement announcing Keri has been suspended pending further information:

Update: DraftKings also suspended Keri, and Sportsnet put out a statement saying they plan to no longer use Keri:

[CTV News, image via Keri’s website]

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