In October we wrote about Michelle Beadle joining select Spurs broadcasts this year, marking a return to the world of NBA media for the longtime NBA Countdown host.

Today Beadle announced another new venture: launching a podcast (and podcast network) in partnership with The Athletic. Beadle’s flagship show, What Did I Miss?, debuts on Monday, November 15th, with episodes out 3x per week.

In addition to What Did I Miss, Beadle’s venture will see the buildout of an entire network, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter’s J. Clara Chan, who had the exclusive.

From THR:

The first show in the Beadle Podcast Network, What Did I Miss?, will cover sports through the lens of pop culture. The show, available on all major podcasting platforms, launches on Nov. 15 and will include conversations with guests and Beadle’s friends. Other shows in the network will be announced at a later date, and The Athletic will produce, develop and provide sales support for all of the network’s podcasts.

“I learned so much in the last two years. Knitting, ice cream making and that the world needed just one more podcast. I’m more than happy to oblige,” Beadle said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

Audio is a huge revenue opportunity right now, and while The Athletic has been rumored to be on the market for months (though potential deals with Axios and The New York Times never came to fruition), adding to their podcast portfolio is certainly good for everyone involved, and adding Beadle specifically feels like a great pickup.

As to what the show itself will feel like, covering “sports through the lens of pop culture” paints a pretty broad picture. (That’s sort of every sports-related podcast.) What it likely means, though, is Beadle discussing major sports stories and wider culture with a possible array of guests from all over sports and media. Which, again, is a lot of sports podcasts, but Beadle’s personality and broadcasting skills are such that it could easily stand out from the crowd.

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