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[This article contains spoilers from Season 3, Episode 2 of Ted Lasso]

Chelsea FC is investigating an altered banner that appeared in the latest episode of Ted Lasso.

The Ted Lasso banner read, “They don’t make them like Roy anymore,” which was meant to be a banner for Roy Kent, who, in the show, was a Chelsea legend before retiring at AFC Richmond. This was Kent’s first time back at Stamford Bridge since his retirement.

The original banner is meant for Chelsea legend Ray Wilkins, which reads, “They don’t make them like Ray anymore.” The banner is at Stamford Bridge each match and is meant to pay tribute to the 70s star midfielder, who died in 2018 at the age of 61.

Some Chelsea fans took offense to that alteration, and the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust issued a statement on the matter. They cited that Chelsea supporters paid for that banner and that many felt what happened was “disrespectful.” The statement said that the Trust “expressed our disappointment to club officials.”

According to The Athletic, Chelsea told fan groups they’re investigating.

Club owner Todd Boehly claimed that the agreement was made before he purchased the club from Roman Abramovich and stressed that none of the Chelsea players on the show resembled actual Chelsea players. Boehly apologized for what happened, and Wilkins’ son, Ross, thanked Boehly for his apology.

I’m not sure an investigation is needed. We pretty much know what happened. It was an example of artistic license of a real-life thing for a fictional show. It won’t be the first or last time this happens.

Some will see it as disrespectful, and that’s their right. But if the character Ted Lasso were asked to comment about this controversy, he would probably find the silver lining and say that it’s a blessing in disguise that the change, and subsequent attention to the altered banner, caused people to learn about Ray Wilkins and what he did for Chelsea.

Will real people see it that way?

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