Taylor Twellman Aug 20, 2019; St. Louis, MO, USA; MLS announcer Taylor Twellman talks to guests and media during an event to announce a MLS expansion team for St. Louis at The Palladium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Twellman spent nearly 13 years as the top soccer voice on ESPN before leaving last week. He’ll now be part of Apple’s MLS coverage team and it sounds like the outspoken analyst couldn’t be happier for the chance to discuss the sport he loves.

While the former player had a meteoric rise at ESPN, quickly working events like the FIFA World CupUEFA European ChampionshipFA CupMLS Cup, and the U.S. Open Cup, in addition to various MLS and U.S. Soccer matches. However, according to his comments on Thursday in a Twitter discussion with Fox soccer analyst Alexi Lalas, it sounds like it wasn’t easy to get all that airtime despite working for a sports network.

The conversation began on Tuesday with Twellman’s initial announcement of the Apple role, which came loaded with some not-too-subtle shots.

“Couldn’t be happier to announce I will be a part of the [MLS] project with [AppleTV],” tweeted Twellman. “The ability to unapologetically cover [MLS] is something that hasn’t been done in 27 years. [Apple TV] is making that possible. The [MLS] fan deserves this moment & this coverage.”

Thursday, Lalas quote-tweeted the announcement and asked what, exactly, was Twellman holding back on.

“I’ve never felt I had to apologize for loving or covering [MLS],” said Lalas. “What are you now going to be able to do/say that you weren’t able to do before?”

Twellman soon responded by saying “I won’t change but as you well know, I won’t have to scrape, claw, beg for airtime in covering something I have passion for then having to be “apologetic” for doing so.  [Soccer] doesn’t need to do that anymore and [Apple TV] is giving [MLS] the coverage & tools to just be themselves.”

It’s not too hard to understand what Twellman is getting at. And just in case anyone wasn’t clear, Twellman later ties up the loose ends by responding to a Twitter user who said “maybe it was due to overall lack of coverage at ESPN.”

“Bingo,” said Twellman.

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