There are a lot of conspiracy theories out in the world and many of them are toxic and dangerous. For Ted Lasso, the show that shies away from the dread and cynicism of everyday life and embraces the goodness in people, even the conspiracy theories that come as a result from the show are rather fun and harmless when compared to the others.

Twitter user @guymrdth came across a Reddit thread that claims Roy Kent, or actor Brett Goldstein, is a CGI creation by Apple.

It seems to depend on the person whether or not they believe that only Roy is CGI and Goldstein is an actual person voicing him or that both are virtual but it’s likely neither are CGI.

Sure, Roy is stone-faced all the time and he’s a man of few words but that doesn’t mean the character is a CGI creation. Not to mention, Goldstein himself is a writer on the show and has appeared in various shows and movies over the past decade.

For his part, in a now deleted tweet, Goldstein joked about the CGI theory in a response to Patton Oswalt.


Like many other conspiracy theories, this one can be easily disproven but at least this one isn’t hurting anybody. Unlike the kind of stuff Coach Beard’s mom believes in.

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